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Prejuvenating Angel Serum
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LY 16e
Prejuvenating Angel Serum

The ultimate guardian of moisture and youth. A true masterclass where less is more in the art of simplicity.

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LY 16e Prejuvenating Angel Serum is an innovative, ultra-lightweight oil serum designed to proactively revitalize youthfulness. Its unique angel-like texture is velvety to the touch and is suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, oily, eczema, and acne-prone skin, as well as babies' delicate skin, due to its 100% natural and vegan ingredients.

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Lock in Moisture|Enhance Skin Barrier|Non-Comedogenic|Blocks Cosmetics & Pollutants|Reduce the Appearance of Finelines, Wrinkles and Age Spots|

All Skin Types|All Ages|Unisex|Natural Skincare Lover|For Long-Lasting Makeup|Revive Dry & Dull-Looking Skin|Effective for Air-Conditioned Environment|Effective for Winter or Strong Wind Environment|

Squalane, Alga Extract, Tocopherol Acetate

Place suitable amount on your palm and rub evenly with two hands, tap on your fully toned and hydrated face before applying CC primer and makeups.

While many clients have praised this product for its moisturizing ability, which keeps their makeup intact all day long, I have my own reasons (and many) for loving it as well. Contrary to a common misconception that oil serums can clog pores and are unsuitable for hot climates like Singapore, my personal experience suggests otherwise. The key lies in the correct application and using the right amount of product.

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